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Quark co-founder Anna Higgs has been selected for the prestigious Clore Leadership Programme for 2010/2011.

Since 2004, the Clore Leadership Programme has awarded 157 Fellowships to outstanding individuals, some working freelance and others drawn from different types and sizes of organisations, in areas ranging from archives to theatre production, and including visual and performing arts, film and digital media, heritage, creative industries, museums, libraries and cultural policy. Fellows have come from across the UK and Ireland, and been joined by international Scholars from Canada, China, Egypt, Iran, Hong Kong, India and the United Arab Emirates.

The Fellowship Programme aims to shape emerging creative leaders through in-depth learning, tailored as far as possible to the needs, aspirations and circumstances of about 20 individuals a year.

The impact of the Programme has been wide-ranging and Fellows have found many different contexts in which to be leaders. Some, for example, have gone on to take significant leadership roles within organisations, heading up museums, theatres, orchestras and library services; some have returned to their jobs with renewed confidence, more extensive networks and advanced skills. Some Fellows are working independently, and are actively engaged in creative activity, whilst others have set up ground-breaking new charities or independent businesses. Many Fellows are members of the Boards of cultural organisations. Clore Fellows are advocates for their sector and are influencing thinking about culture.

It’s great news for Quark and will help Anna and Gavin develop their business to move into the future with a strong vision and  a broad network across the full range of cultural sectors in the creative industries.

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