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Quark’s feature doc The People vs. George Lucas takes centre stage in a long feature in British broadsheet The Independent about the film’s screening at Edinburgh International Film Festival.

James Mottram’s article, which features an interview with the director Alexandre O. Philippe, gives a great account of the film:

‘What makes The People vs George Lucas worthwhile is that, as Philippe says, “It’s really the first film about George Lucas that’s not endorsed by [his company] Lucasfilm. It’s not propaganda.” Indeed, this is no “making of” like Empire of Dreams: the Story of the Star Wars Trilogy, the love-in that accompanied the DVD box-set release of the original trilogy in 2004. Rather, it’s a frank, fans’-eye view of Lucas’s alleged megalomania, illustrated through a mix of talking heads, fan films (a total of 719 were submitted) and even clips from the films’

The article also features a nice little list of the top Star Wars fan films, which picks:

Star Wars ’30s Serial Edition

Compressing all six ‘Star Wars’ episodes into 280 minutes, this beautiful black-and-white silent effort just uses dialogue cards and John Williams’s score.

The Phantom Edit

“The granddaddy of all fan edits,” according to Philippe, Mike J Nichols’s film skilfully trimmed back ‘The Phantom Menace’, removing Jar Jar Binks for starters.


One of the earliest ‘Star Wars’ fan films, Kevin Rubio’s 10-minute skit from 1997 is a whip-smart ‘Cops’-style parody about stormtroopers patrolling the dusty planet of Tatooine.


Mark Thomas and Dave Macomber’s six-minute short, in which two would-be Sith Lords battle it out with lightsabers, is staggeringly well made and slyly funny.

Chad Vader

A series of shorts that see the titular Sith Lord trying to settle into a new job as a day-shift leader of a supermarket. “I sense a disturbance in the store!”

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