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The People vs. George Lucas is featured in the Scottish Herald’s coverage of Edinburgh’s line-up launch.

Phil Miller, Arts Correspondent for the festival notes that “one of the major themes is British films and stars.”  He also quotes festival Artistic Director Hannah McGill saying: “The British element is always important, but it is particularly strong this year.”

“We have 21 new British films, before we even think about the short films and, of course, the retrospectives.

“What is particularly exciting this year, especially in a time of political change, is to take a snapshot of the UK industry and where the current industry has come from, where the history has built towards, where new film makers are at now, and where they go next.”

We’re obviously very proud to be part of this year’s festival, not least because this is building on several years with fiction, documentary and animation shorts in competition.  The full article can be found here.

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