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0 Greengrass Goes to Cinemart

Greengrass, written and directed by Nicola Mills and produced by Gavin Humphries and Anna Higgs, has been selected for the prestigious Cinemart at Rotterdam Film Festival.

It is in a selection of only 35 projects and 1 of 2 from the UK. CineMart organiser Marit van den Elshout confirmed that the event had received around 500 applications.

“We aimed this year to make a selection of no more than 35 projects. We wanted to maintain the exclusvitity of being in CineMart and also to give more space and exclusivity to the projects. We had to select in a sharper and more rigorous way. That meant we had to kill more darlings but at the same time, that give us a better focus on the projects we did select.”

Running from January 25 to January 29, CineMart is now in its 26th year and the film’s team will all be attending.

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